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Tax Preparer

CA$H Maine Tax Preparers provide free tax preparation for eligible taxpayers.

In this position you will:

  • Provide high-quality assistance to all taxpayers, regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin or disability, while maintaining the highest-level of client confidentiality.. Directly prepare taxpayer’s return based on information provided by taxpayer and answer tax related questions.
  • Interview taxpayers regarding all income, deductions and allowable credit(s).
  • Prepare only those tax returns for which training and certification were provided.
  • Prepare tax returns using electronic filing software (wherever possible).
  • Attend new and/or refresher tax law training as needed, including training on the use of electronic filing software. Basic tax training and certification will be provided as needed. No prior tax preparation experience is necessary – just a desire to learn. (Approximately 20 hours of training is necessary to become certified.)
  • Successfully pass a test on required tax law knowledge.
  • Ensure no compensation of any kind is accepted for the volunteer services provided.
  • Ensure on-site quality review is performed on completed returns prior to being returned to customer.
  • Ensure a copy of the completed return is provided to the taxpayer.

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