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The CA$H Maine Budget Series

How can you find extra money in your budget by reducing your spending?

Spending $4 on coffee may not seem like much. If you do it several times a week it can cost you.
See how much you can save by reducing your spending just a little each week.

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That adds up to...
?? / year

Track Your Spending

Write It Down

The first step in successful money management is to assess where you are now. Read More

Understand Your Bills & Debt

Set aside time at home to record all of your expenses, bills, and loan payments for the month. Read More

Budgeting Graph Image

The first step in successful money management is to assess where you are now. 

“Keeping track of spending helped me keep closer tabs on my budget”


Set a Goal

Goal Setting

Setting goals is a way to plan for the future. Read More

It’s All About Choices

Getting your financial life in order involves a lot of choices. Read More

Understand Your Needs Vs Wants

Understanding the difference between needs and wants is another key to successful money management.Read More


Target with arrow in the center.

Setting goals helps you focus on what is important to you, what you value in your life. This helps you stay on track with your money.

“My budget shows me where my money is going.”


Make a Plan

Build Your Budget

After you have spent time tracking expenses, thinking about needs and wants, and setting some financial goals, it is time to create a budget. Read More

Understanding Expenses

Understanding different types of expenses will help you build your budget. Read More

Expected & Unexpected Expenses

Many times people find themselves in financial trouble because they did not plan for emergencies. Read More

Get Started On Your Plan

Now that your budget is complete, create a calendar showing each bill or expense, the date due, and the payment due. Read More

Earn More

You may find that in order to balance your budget, you want to increase your income. Read More

Spend Less

Try Not to Add More Debt! Read More

Checklist With Pencil

For most people it takes three or four months to feel comfortable living on a budget. Remember there is no single budget formula that works for every person or family.  The secret to successful budgeting is to find tools that work for you.

“I took a class on finances through New Ventures Maine, and that is where I found out about the CASH tax program. I love this program! Thank you to everyone!”


Q. How do I balance a checkbook?

Check out this link for some help with your checkbook!

Q. Do I need to balance my checkbook now that I have a budget?

There are many different methods to track your spending. If you prefer using your budget worksheet over a checkbook or calendar that’s fine. The most important thing is to keep track of where you money is going.

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