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Creating Assets, Savings & Hope

Earn More

You may find that in order to balance your budget, you want to increase your income. Here are some ideas:

Ask for additional hours at work

Change Your Job or Career

Find a part-time job, change jobs for a better opportunity in pay, and/or explore a new career. There may be companies that provide on-the-job training that will increase your income by joining them as an employee. Update your resume and your online job search profile. If you do not have any online profiles, start one by using job search sites like jobsinme or indeed. You can also join networking sites such as If you need help with updating your resume or interview skills, there are lots of free resources online or in person. There may be free or low cost classes at a local organization like New Ventures Maine, Adult Education Center, or a Career Center in your area to help you as well.

Start Your Own Small Business.

Using a skill or hobby can be a way to earn some extra income. Some examples are if you love landscaping, start a side business landscaping.  If you love to organize things then start an organization business. Should this be the avenue you decide to explore it must be something you are passionate about and that gives you great joy.

Small Business Resources:

Build Your Skills

Learning a new skill, getting a degree or an advanced degree will often qualify you for a higher paying job opportunity which in turn creates greater financial stability.

Research the degree you are interested in to make sure that there will be jobs available when you graduate. You may want to take a class that will help you narrow your interests and help with your Career Exploration. Visit Next Step Maine to develop a plan to go back to school. Make sure to apply for financial aid. You might be able to lower the cost of your education.

Sell Your Stuff

There are many sales platforms out there for people to make extra money. If you have items around your home that someone has outgrown and you think someone would be interested in, have a yard sale, or set up a seller’s account with a trusted internet site.  Ebay, Craigslist, and Bookscouter are some examples. Take the time to research any fees, terms, and conditions that might apply to you as a seller.



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