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Creating Assets, Savings & Hope

Getting Started with Saving

When you are living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes it can feel impossible to save anything at all. Once you are done paying for rent, food, and other necessities, you may only have a couple dollars left – you might feel like it is hopeless or silly to start saving with only $2, but it isn’t! $2 is a starting point. If you can take that $2 and put it in a savings account you will have something to build on. Think of it as a tiny seed that will grow with a little attention and care.


  1. Use direct deposit to make saving. Most employers offer direct deposit and let you split your pay between two accounts. Start small by having $2 per pay go into your savings account. You probably won’t miss the $2. Next month try raising the amount to $3 then $4 the next month, and so on. Forget that the money is there. You now have a solid start to an emergency savings or special goal nest egg.


  1. Sell your stuff. Look around your basement, garage or storage space and see if there is anything you can sell online or at a yard sale. Put any money you make into your savings account.


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