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Finding Friendship and Helping Others

Written by New Ventures Maine | Published on August 12, 2020
Older woman and man on the Maine coast

Retirement Volunteer Opportunity at Aroostook CA$H

After retiring in 2018, Phil and Denise Bosse were looking for a volunteer opportunity. Phil was familiar with the CA$H Coalition tax preparation program from his work on Senator Collins’s staff. They both really like helping people and Phil has a secret love affair with numbers. As a small business owner, he would help young customers prepare their taxes. So, he already had a sense that he would enjoy the work.

Phil and Denise did not know what to expect and honestly, were afraid to think that they could even be qualified to help people in this way. They were touched by the sincere emotional gratitude directed to each of them by the people who had come to CA$H for assistance.  The thing that struck them both about the CA$H Tax Preparation volunteers and leaders was the obvious friendship and care they had for each other and the full support they all provided Phil and Denise during the training and during the tax preparation sessions.

More about Phil and Denise

Phil and Denise met at the University of Maine and have been married for 43 years. Denise is from Syracuse, N.Y., but her dad was born in North Brooklin, Maine. Phil was born in Madawaska. They raised their two children, Matthew and Jeannine, in Caribou. Denise was a Special Education teacher for most of her career and retired as the Special Education Director in SAD #1. They owned and operated Mementos Hobby Shop in Caribou for 17 years, and Phil was U.S. Senator Susan Collins’s State Office Representative in Aroostook County. They both also volunteer at the Maine Veterans’ Cemetery in Caribou caring for the POW/MIA memorial garden. Phil delivers food in Caribou for the Catholic Charities and RSVP monthly food box program.