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York County Offers Financial Coaching Assistance!

Written by New Ventures Maine | Published on June 13, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Opportunity Coaching

  1. What is York County Community Action’s Financial Coaching Program?  It is to match a volunteer Coach with a Participant in order to follow a path of self-determination in setting a goal and then attaining it by using resources available.
  2. What is the commitment of the Coach and the Participant?  The Coach will commit to a training session.  The Participant will commit to an Introduction Session and both will commit to a “Meet & Greet” social in which they will meet each other and their peer group. We ask both parties to commit for a six month period meeting at least twice a month for a total of 2-4 hours to work on their goal setting and attainment.
  3. Where and when shall we meet? The time and place will be set up by each team, so that it is mutually agreed upon. It could be at the library or a coffee shop.
  4. What will each Team member have for support? The Coaches will have the initial training plus follow-up monthly calls to share resources and solutions. The Participants will have a monthly support group of peers. All of the resources of Community Outreach Workers at YCCAC, the Points of Light funded Fellow, and other community networks. Plus there are 2 lists of Resources available for use.
  5. What will all of this cost me? If you choose to meet at a coffee shop, then each party should pay for their own coffee. That is it! There are no costs.
  6. So what is stopping you as a Volunteer Coach? You can help someone set their own Goals and attain them with our program. Make a difference in someone’s life!
  7. So what is stopping you from being a Participant? As a Participant, you will experience a non-judgmental program that is self-directed. Your goals to help you with your money.

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