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April 11-15 is Retirement Planning Week

Written by Amy Scholl | Published on April 1, 2016
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Most Americans are falling short of the amount required for a comfortable retirement – if they are saving at all.  The difficulty can be a lack of education about the need for retirement savings.  Also, meeting the demands of today and/or the belief that our wages are too low can prevent us from saving for the future

According to a report released in 2013 by the Employee Benefit Research Institute based in Washington, D.C., less than 50% of the nation’s workers have retirement accounts. The average balance in those accounts is $59,000 as reported by the Federal Reserve, which has increased from $35,456 in 2001. While the balances are increasing the percentage of people with accounts has decreased from 52.8% in 2001 to 48.2% in 2013. We are working longer than previous generations but do we all have a plan on how we will spend the golden years of our lives?

Read the article below for some tips to help you prepare for retirement.

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement

Do you have a retirement account through your work or through a local financial adviser? If not this is a great time of year to start one. Check with your employer to see what your options are. A new option is available from the federal government called myRA. The myRA  is a new retirement account created by the United States Department of the Treasury. If you are not sure you are saving enough, use this calculator to help you determine how much you will need during retirement.