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Matched Savings Efforts in Maine

Written by Alyra Donisvitch | Published on February 26, 2016
Image of money dropping into college and retirement jars

The article, “Matched Savings Efforts Help Mainers Work Towards a Better Future,” that is found in the John T. Gorman Foundation’s most recent newsletter, highlights why it is important for people to be able to save, and the programs that can support the people of Maine in doing so:

“For many Mainers, saving for a house, for an education, or even just to get through an emergency is a goal that feels out of reach. In fact, according to the latest Assets and Opportunity Scorecard released by the nonprofit CFED, nearly half of Maine households live in ‘liquid asset poverty.’ This means they either already live below the poverty line, or would slip below it if they lost their income source for three months, lacking the savings to make ends meet…”

Read the full article here.