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Saving for College Can Make a Difference

Written by Amy Scholl | Published on February 2, 2016
Girl shaking hands with college president

Lauren is a recent college graduate and a Radiologic Technologist at Stevens Memorial Hospital in Norway, Maine.  Her mother set up a college savings account for her when she no longer had to pay for daycare.  It was easy to set up as an automatic deposit and she barely missed it.  

My mother’s choice to start saving for my college fund when I was younger is what I am most thankful for. Because of her choices, I was able to pursue my dreams of attending a four year college without the struggle of yearly student loans that most college students endure. College is stressful enough, and I was lucky to not have to stress about how I was going to pay for it each year. Being a college graduate I am so thankful that I will be able to pay off my student loans within a few years. I know it wasn’t always easy for my mom, but she knew it would make a big difference for my brothers and me. My life would be very different if I hadn’t been able to financially attend the college of my choice for the career I wanted. ”

The college fund started by Lauren’s mother made a big difference in Lauren’s college experience.  Find out how you can start saving for college today  with the NextGen College Investing Plan and the Harold Alfond College Challenge.