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Missed the tax filing deadline? Don’t Freak Out!

Did you miss the deadline to file your 2014 taxes? Don’t worry!

You can still file using any of these online methods. Do you think you’ll owe money? Not Filing is never the right option! Once you File, you can contact the IRS about ways to manage your tax obligations/payments, set up a payment plan, and learn how to not be in the same situation next year.
These are some options for filing your taxes after april 15th:

Free File

My Free Taxes


Of course if you are completely lost, you can always call the united way at 207-941-2800 for more information.


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Did you owe a penalty for not being insured this year?

Did you owe a penalty on this years taxes due to lack of health insurance? Are you concerned about how to pay for insurance? The penalty is going to go up next year, from $95 to $325 per person! Its not too late to enroll in a policy for this year, and avoid the penalty!

You still have a chance to sign up for a 2015 affordable health plan during a new special enrollment period that begins March 15 and ends April 30, 2015.

You could be eligible for this special enrollment period if you:

  • Are not already enrolled in a plan for 2015.
  • Show that you paid the penalty fee for not having a health plan in 2014 when you file your 2014 tax return.
  • Indicate that you did not know about the tax penalty before you prepared your 2014 taxes.

You won’t have to pay a penalty for not being covered in 2015 if you have health insurance already, or sign up for an affordable health plan on the Health Insurance Marketplace by April 30, 2015.

If you want to sign up during the special enrollment period, see if you are eligible by visiting

If you would like more information regarding the marketplace and the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) is great resource also.

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Local Resource Guides

These Resource guides contain resources and service providers in the counties listed below! Click on the links below to open and download!


Resource Guide for Hancock and Washington counties

Resource Guide for Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties


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What to Bring to Tax Appointment

What To Bring To FREE Tax Preparation Appointment:

Both People Filing (if filing jointly) – we need both signatures!

Valid Picture I.D. (such as: student ID, driver’s license, government ID).

• Copy of last year’s federal and state tax return.

Copies of ALL W-2, 1098, 1099 forms and the amount of other income received by you and your spouse (just you, if single).

Social Security card(s) for you, your spouse, and any others to be shown on the tax return (not just SS numbers!).

• If applicable, bring proof of Social Security statements, college tuition and expenses, property taxes or rent paid, broker statements, mortgage interest, charitable donations, car and other exise taxes, medical expenses, or bank interest.

• Child care provider’s address and tax identification number for Child/Dependent Care Credit.

• YOU CAN DIRECT DEPOSIT YOUR REFUND! Proof of account number for direct deposit is needed. ALSO, be sure you have the correct financial institution routing number for the account in which you wish to deposit funds.

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Homebuyer Classes

HoMEworks educators and HUD approved Housing Counseling agencies

The HoMEworks goal is to provide a standardized, comprehensive homeownership education program to be delivered by a network of industry professionals in neutral environments throughout Maine.

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FDA Accounts! Go to school, buy a home, or start a business

Family Development Account Coalition – Matched Savings Program — FDAs

The FDA Program enables low-income families to establish savings accounts that will be used to buy a home, pay for education, or start or expand a small business. Participating families establish a savings account to be used toward their identified goal. Matched Savings Programs enhance the money you earn through employment by matching your participant dollars at a 4:1 ratio.  For a program description: Click here

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