Keep CA$H

Get your spending under control…take a free financial education workshop in Midcoast Maine by Woman, Work and Community, or online from the FDIC.

Get control of your debt…learn about credit and debt consolidation through Money Management International.

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Build Your Resume Doing Good

Volunteer with the Midcoast CA$H coalition and help individuals and families earning under $53,000 get the most of their hard-earned paychecks through free tax preparation and financial asset coaching. Plus you’ll gain some marketable skills, including…
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Affordable Care Act Subsidy Calculator

The Henry J. Kaiser Foundation offers a comprehensive library of information about the Affordable Care Act, including and easy-to-use subsidy calculator. The tool estimates the health insurance premiums and subsidies for “people purchasing insurance on their own in new health insurance exchanges (or “Marketplaces”) created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Beginning in October 2013, middle-income people under age 65, who are not eligible for coverage through their employer, Medicaid, or Medicare, can apply for tax credit subsidies available through state-based exchanges.”

Affordable Rental Housing

Housing Authorities

Housing Authorities provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.  Locally there are two Housing Authorities: the Bath Housing Authority and the Brunswick Housing Authority.
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Maine’s Circuit Breaker Program

Maine Residents Property Tax and Rent Refund “Circuit Breaker” Program

Maine’s Circuit Breaker program allows eligible Maine residents to receive a partial refund of property taxes and/or rent paid on their primary residence.  For more information click here.